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HI!  My name is Caleb!  I love working with hands and tools and I hope to pass on some of my handyman skills off to someone soon.

In my short life (as an old 29 year old), I have learned to do a lot of DIY projects for my home.  I’ve worked hard to make my home the way it is.

I’ve learned to finish my basement, hanging drywall, plumbing, electricity and many other things.  My wife even learned, on her own, to side our house and that’s pretty amazing.  She says it’s like putting Legos on a house.  Funny stuff…she’s like 5’4″ but I totally didnt’ mind the bikini the drew in neighborhood glances as she pounded nails into the awning of our little abode.   IT looks freakin’ awesome and she loved doing it.

So..this is my blog!  I’m decided it’s time to share my knowledge (our knowledge) so that we can learn a little more while doing it.

This coming year one of our goals is to build a shed in our own backyard.  Crazy…I know.  But we love building and we take pride in saying:” I did that!”

So here we go!  I’ll start by talking about lots of different tools and how much I love or hate them.   Sometimes you just have to vent or share…yah know?

I don’t have a lot of time bear with me as I build a super awesome website!


More to come……

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